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Berete Jewellers is located in the heart of the diamond capital of the world, Antwerp, straight at the source in the ‘Diamond district’. Our family business has been active in the diamond business for 3 generations. Our professionalism, honesty and reliability have been intact for 3 generations and will remain so.

We benefit from a whole network of professional connections, which allows us to get the best quality diamonds, fantasy diamonds or diamonds of a specific quality.
Important: all diamonds we use are conflict free, and come with a certificate from HRD, IGI, GIA, etc…

All our exclusive and unique jewellery is 100% designed and manufactured in Antwerp.

The perfect fit for any budget

We don’t do pre-made jewels with price tags on them. Our goal is to create an amazing piece of jewellery that fits your budget.

Please keep in mind that we always work with real, natural diamonds and 10, 14 or 18 Carat gold. Of course this has a certain price range, but we’ll make sure we can help you out.

Once you are satisfied with the design within your budget, we can proceed to production . Depending on the project, waiting periods are usually from 3 to 5 weeks max. A wonderful and exciting period to look forward to what you helped design. Once your unique piece of jewellery is ready, we welcome you to our main office to discover your jewel for the first time.

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How much does a custom piece of jewellery cost?

Whatever you want
We design and make jewellery 100% to your specifications, with your budget in mind.
Pricetag? You tell us

Exceptional stones
We’ll use our resources to help you find exceptional diamonds.

Pricetag? The Best Value

Love for our customers
Whether you’re spending €1500 or €50,000, we’ll give you the same love and attention.
Pricetag? Free

Lifetime warrantee
We stand behind everything we make.
Pricetag? Free

The perfect fit for any budget

When it comes to rings, jewellery & diamonds, everyone wishes they “knew somebody.”

Well, we’re that somebody. We’re the experts so you don’t have to be one.

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