Custom jewellery

At Berete Jewellers, we believe jewellery should be as unique as the moments and people that inspire it. Not something off a shelf or out of a catalog. It’s something that should be created only for you. Just tell us what you’re looking for.

Our most common projects?

  • Special rings (ex. Championship rings)
  • Necklaces
  • Pendants
  • Watch set with diamonds
  • Glasses set with diamonds


Discover our hidden gems.


is made out of 14k white gold and rose gold with VVS diamonds This piece was designed for famous german twitcher and entrepreneur @Sidneyeweka

Gold : 14k
Diamonds : VVS
Diamond color : D, E, F
Carat weight : 22 Ct


is a beautiful piece made out of 18k rose gold , we decided to keep the number 8 in white gold with some big stones on it, the Letters “V” and “E” was left in plain rose gold without diamonds on it to give the whole piece a nice contrast .

Designed for @odjidja_vadis

Gold : 18k
Diamond : VS
Diamond color : D,E,F


This piece is called “T-Monster” . The letter T is in white gold fully loaded with VVS diamonds
The hand holding the piece is in plain rose gold to give it a nice contrast . This Piece was
designed for french international football Player Marcus Thuram

Gold : 14k
Diamonds: VVS
Diamond color : D, E ,F

Rolex watch setting

At Berete Jewellers we also have the best quality of watch setting . This plain Rolex Datejust came in for a complete new look , swipe to see some detailed pictures of the setting .

Diamonds : Si1
Diamonds color : D,E,F

Cartier watch setting

Another great example of our craftsmanship on this Cartier De Santos Skeleton

Diamonds : Vs
Diamonds color : G

Custom ring

This ring is definitely one of our master piece , beautiful setting on every possible angle , the side diamonds and the diamonds on top are perfectly fitting into each other without touching each other. In the middle we have 3 rows of smaller stones very tight to each other , we have a total of 251 diamonds in this ring !

Gold : 18k
Diamonds : VS
Diamond color : D, E, F
Total stones used : 251

Custom ring

Full 18k rose gold ring with VS diamonds and plain initials for the nice contrast

This ring was custom made for Bayern munchen player Tanguy Nianzou

Gold : 18k
Diamonds : VS
Diamonds color : D, E , F
Total stones used : 350

Custom pendant

Initial pendant are the most common custom made pendants , we can create them in any letter type , this one is a two-tone pendant (white gold/rose gold) with top VVS stones .

Gold : 18k
Diamonds : VVS
Diamonds color : D

Custom necklace

Here we have a solid 18k custom made necklace with two names in it . This piece was designed for famous model and entrepreneur Rose Bertram

Gold : 18k
Total weight : 115 gram

Cuban chains

At Berete jewellers we have all type of cuban chains available on order . Good thing about making your own chain is that you can chose what quality of diamonds goes intoo your chain which keep you in control on where your money goes . We have them in all length ,sizes and color

The perfect fit for any budget

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