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To start with, we’ll do all the asking. Who’s the lucky guy or girl? What does she or he like? Is it for yourself? Do you have any crazy ideas of your own?

Did you receive any hints? What’s your budget?

The first design

With that information in mind, we’ll start sketching design concepts right away until we find the look that feels just perfect.

Choosing “The One”

Our experts search far and wide for gold, silver, diamond and any other options so they can provide all the help and advice needed to choose the perfect. materials.

It’s getting real now

Our design team creates realistic 3D drawings that show exactly how your jewellery will look. We keep on fine tuning until you say, “This looks perfect!”, and way beyond!

Forever and ever

Our experts bring your custom design to life. And once it’s in your hands, we stand behind the result for life with our lifetime customer service.


Above and beyond your typical jewellery-buying experience

Most jewellers start with price tags. We start with your budget and work backwards from there. This way, we are helping you to pick out the right combination of details to get the perfect ring or piece of jewellery at the right price, and hopefully leave you with a little extra for the honeymoon or celebration party.

Diamonds and jewellery are often as confusing as they are expensive.

But you’ve got us, and we’ve got people.

Check what goes into pricing

Diamond clarity chart

Diamond clarity refers to the absence of naturally occuring inclusions within the stone of blemishes on the surface.

The grading of a diamond’s clarity depends on the size, colour and location of any inclusion or blemish, and is assessed by 10 x magnification.

Diamond size chart

How do diamond sizes compare?

This image shows the carat (ct) weight and avarage diameter for various round brilliant cut diamonds.

The cut of a diamond

The cut describes how well the facets are cut and according to us, this is the most important

parameter to keep track of when buying a diamond.


Diamond color chart


Most gem quality diamonds used in jewelry are colorless and nearly colorless, sometimes with tints of yellow or brown.

Among the rarest are the colors D, E and F on a scale that goes to Z. Color grades are established by comparing each diamond to a set of master comparison diamonds.

Eacht grade represents a range of color. Grading color is done in a specific and controlled lighting enviroment and according to strict color grading procedures.

More color intensity than Z is called fancy color.

Diamonds of all colors can be found in nature: over 300 colors have so far been identified, however the come in an infinite number of shades and hues.

Some practical info regarding payments

Diamonds are about trust. Before starting the project we agree on the budget and the delivery date. After that, 50% of the total amount is received before starting the project .

When your project is finished and you are 100% satisfied , the remaining amount will be charged. This way of working allows you to pay in two installments and provides us with a guarantee that you will actually collect the jewellery made especially for you.

The perfect fit for any budget

When it comes to rings, jewellery & diamonds, everyone wishes they “knew somebody.”

Well, we’re that somebody. We’re the experts so you don’t have to be one.

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